An incomparable nature

Montcalm prestigious home of natural ecological reserve whose famous Jack Rabbit

Community centre

33 Route du Lac-Rond Nord,  Montcalm, Qc, J0T 2V0



You are invited to book the community center for events. Contact the municipal office for availability. 819-681-3383


  • For nonprofit organizations from the municipality of Montcalm: no charge for the first rental for the current year.
  • For each of the subsequent locations in the current year, the fee is $ 150 per day;
  • For citizens of the Municipality of Montcalm (proof of residency or property in support), the fee is $ 100 per day;
  • For all non-profit organizations from outside the municipality of Montcalm, to non-resident citizens and non-owners, for the funeral of people from outside the municipality of Montcalm, the fee is $ 300 per day ;
  • For the funeral of citizens residing in the municipality of Montcalm or having resided in the municipality of Montcalm within ten (10) years: no rental fees;
  • For private lessons: $ 150 per day. If such courses are approved in advance by resolution of council following a written request to it, no rental fees will apply;
  • For events organized by the recreation committee: no rental fees, with the exception of holding private lessons;
  • A $ 100 deposit in cash is required for all events at the time of signing the contract and delivery the key to the tenant. The deposit will be refunded by the municipality following activities, provided that every effort has been put in order, including delivery of the key to the municipality.

Download the rental agreement – click here (French only)