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Montcalm prestigious home of natural ecological reserve whose famous Jack Rabbit

Public safety

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Fire hall of Montcalm  : 30, Route du Lac-Rond Nord, Montcalm, Qc, J0T 2V0

Fully operational since January 1st 2017, the Régie Incendie du Nord Ouest Laurentides (RINOL) is responsible for the fire protection of our territory. The RINOL brings together the services of Lac-Supérieur, Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Montcalm Arundel, huberdeau, Amherst, La Minerve and La Conception.

The municipalities have retained control over existing buildings, but staff, equipment and vehicles are now under the direction of de RINOL.

Schedule of the Board of Directors of the RINOL 2018


Encouraged by the «Régie de la santé», and meeting a need of the population, the territory is provided by a team of First Responders who received solid training covering all types of interventions. In addition, their skills are updated regularly. The First Responders are under the supervision of the Director, Mr. Alain Leduc.

For your safety, service of fire protection and the 911 Emergency Service strongly recommend you to identify your property by installing a reflective sign. Please contact the city hall for more information.




The 911 of our area answers all the emergency situations: fire, police, medical emergency, dangerous roads, Hydro-Quebec, environmental urgency, etc.  The employee transmits information to the service concerned.

T9-1-1 is a service available to you if you are part of the deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or speech impaired (DHHSI) community in Canada. During an emergency, T9-1-1 provides 9-1-1 call centres with the ability to converse with you using text messaging. Before utilizing this service you:


The MRC des Laurentides has developed a new program in order to help people presenting a permanent or temporary particular condition.  For more information and/or to register a person with this program, Refer to the enclosed form and return the completed form to email hidden; JavaScript is required


Public safety

In May 2013, the municipality trained a team known under the name of  O.V.U. (Organisation du Voisinage en Urgence).  This team is responsible for the program of protection of the neighborhood “Oeil de lynx”.  Their main mission is:

  • To identify the special needs of the citizens in each sector: in times of crisis, the information collected by the person in charge of your sector will be used to quickly carry help to the citizens.  Example: handicap, health problems, medical experience.  All the persons in charge received the RCR/first aid training.
  • To inform each citizen how to be ready to provide for their need during the first 72 hours (see booklets below)
  • To manage the situation in times of crisis: a person in charge for each sector allows us to improve the communication largely.  Any information is conveyed at the command center.  The coordinator then established the priorities in order to better serve the residents.
  • To encourage the good neighborhood: to reduce the crime against the property the persons in charge encourage the citizens to take agreements of self-protection between them and to report to 911 any suspicious activity in their neighborhood.


Here the team of persons in charge: CLICK HERE


If you did not receive the visit of the person in charge of your sector, do not hesitate to contact him to provide him with your information and to receive the documents.

You can download various relevant documents or guides to be used in the event of urgency.


The following three (3) documents are only available in French

Plan des mesures d’urgence de Montcalm

Emergency measures plan (French only)

La nature ne pardonne pas!

Brochure «Opération Œil de lynx»

Your emergency preparedness guide

Power outages – What to do?

Severe storms – What to do?

Floods – What to do?

Earthquakes – What to do?

Emergency preparedness guide for people with disabilities/special needs