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Animal Policies

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Dog license

Every citizen of Montcalm, who is keeper of a dog must obtain a license for his dog.
The license is payable annually and automatically renewed on the property tax bill.

The amount payable for a license is twenty ($ 20) per dog. Annual renewal is fifteen ($ 15) per dog.

An applicant for a dog licence is invited to contact the Town Hall, to give the information, a short form description and identification of the animal. Will be filled once the form is completed and the fees of 20$ paid. The applicant will receive a medal that the dog must wear at all times.

With information collected on these forms, the Municipality maintains a register showing the following information: name, date of birth, address and telephone number of the guardian and the registration number of the dog for which a license is issued as well as all relevant information relating to this dog.

Replacement of the license
In the event of loss or destruction of the license, the keeper of the dog will get a new one, at the amount of ten dollars ($ 10).

Breeds and numbers
The maximum number of dogs being kept in a house, a business, a farm, or other facility (other than a pet or a kennel) is two (2).

The Municipality of Montcalm reminds all citizens that certain behaviors or characteristics of dogs are considered nuisances.

Is prohibited keeping a dog:

  • Who barks or howls, disturbing the peace and tranquility;
  • Who has bitten an animal or a human without provocation;
  • Who is recognized as belonging to the breeds prohibited previously mentioned;
  • Who is vicious, dangerous or has raby according to a veterinarian;
  • Who attacks on signs by an human or an animal.

Is also considered a nuisance the act of not removing excrement upon any street, any public place and any private land.

Lost or stray dogs
Any citizen who finds a stray dog or any dog owner who is an absence of the latter is known to contact the Municipality at (819) 681-3383 Monday to Friday from 9am to 12am and 1pm to 4pm. Otherwise, in the context where the dog seem dangerous or could hurt someone or another animal, it is necessary to dial 911 without hesitation.