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Duties on transfers of immovables

Duties on transfers of immovables are charges that are payable when the right of ownership on a property is transferred. The buyer is responsible for paying these duties. Where there is more than one buyer, they are joint and severally liable for payment of the transfer duties. Every municipality may collect duties on the transfer of any immovable situated within its territory. (Act respecting duties on transfers of immovables – R.S.Q., chapter D-15.1).

Special duties

Special duties are a form of compensation in lieu of transfer duties that are billed to buyers whose transaction is exempted.

The Act respecting duties on transfers of immovables – R.S.Q., chapter D-15.1), amended December 20, 1999, sets the amount of the special duties in accordance with the transferred values:

Value of the property Amount payable
Immovable less than $5,000 No duties
Immovable of $5,000 to less than $40,000 Special duties equivalent to the transfer duties (0.5%)
Immovable of $40,000 or more $200

Public Tenders

The notice of public tenders of $ 100 000 and more from the Municipality of Montcalm are all published on the website of the Electronic Tendering system (SÉAO)