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Montcalm prestigious home of natural ecological reserve whose famous Jack Rabbit

Garbages and Ecocenter

Waste and recyclable matters collection calendar



Disposing of our waste contributes to a growing rate of pollution and to the creation of mountains of waste. Reducing and recycling can be the solutions: tons of resources to conserve and to reintroduce into the cycles of production and consummation.

Shema bac



MONTCALM    10, rue de l’hôtel de ville

Larges items/Hazardous household waste

May 7, June 4, September 10 and october 1st (9am to 12 pm)


Electronic, electronical items

At all time during the office hours.


HUBERDEAU   110 Chemin de la Rouge

May to November :  Saturday between 8am to 12 pm


MONT-TREMBLANT     60 Chemin de Brébeuf


ACCEPTED ITEMS (french only)                  REFUSED ITEMS (french only)

*Proof of residence require.


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