An incomparable nature

Montcalm prestigious home of natural ecological reserve whose famous Jack Rabbit

Municipal Councillors

Steven Larose, mayor / substitute Prefect, MRC des Laurentides

Civil Marriage: since April 2005, the Mayor has received approval from the Ministry of Justice for civil marriages and civil unions. The person interested can obtain information via the municipal office


District No. 1: Lac Rond Sud – Weir: Denis Courte
substitute Mayor, responsible for road department

District 2: Village – Lac Rond Nord – Weir: Richard Pepin
Responsible for the revitalization of the village and Public Safety (Fire and First Responder)

District 3: Lac du Brochet , Charest and Munich: Danielle Woolley
Responsible for recreational activities and citizens

District 4: Lac des Pins – Montée de Montcalm Montcalm : Pierre Bertrand
Responsible for economic development

District No. 5: Mont Blanc – Lac-des-Seize-Îles: Huguette Drouin
Responsible for the library and Revitalization of Mont Blanc

District 6: Lac Verdure, Earl, Caribou and Richer: Richard Tees
Responsible for land planning and the environment